EK Castings

EK CastingsEK Castings is a manufacturer of pewter miniatures that appeared in 1995. Over the years, the company has produced the widest range of pewter miniatures in 54 mm scale (1/30-1/32) of various eras and historical periods. The company produces miniatures of the series Antiquity, Middle Ages, Napoleonic, Samurai, World War II and others. All miniatures have full historical accuracy and the highest quality, made by one of the most titled sculptors of military historical miniatures in Russia, Yu. Pyatkov, and E. Kasintsev. EK Castings figurines have been repeatedly awarded at the most prestigious exhibitions and competitions of lovers of military historical miniatures and are considered a reference among collectors in Russia.

EK Castings miniatures are painted by the St. Petersburg studio, professional artists in full accordance with historical data and in collectible quality.

EK Castings releases miniatures in the categories "Napoleonics", "Middle Ages", "Antiquity", "Modern Time". Every year it pleases its admirers with novelties of these sections. There are more than 100 different miniatures in the manufacturer's collection.

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