Jean Poton de Centray

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Jean Poton de Centrale (fr. Jean Poton de Xaintrailles; 1390s, Gascony - October 7, 1461, Bordeaux) - French commander of the Hundred Years War era, associate of Joan of Arc.

De Centray was one of the most famous adventurers of his time, who in life were only interested in war. They easily turned from commanders who commanded troops in regular battles into robbers who robbed estates, and vice versa.

In 1418, together with his comrade-in-arms Etienne de Vignol (La Hire), he joined the army of the Dauphin Charles.

In 1424 he took part in the Battle of Verneuil.

In October 1428, together with La Hire, he arrived in Orleans, which was under an English siege. He took part in the attacks, including the "Herring Battle".

After the appointment of Jeanne d'Arc as commander-in-chief, de Centray came under her command. He fought bravely at the lifting of the siege of Orleans and, later, during the Loire operation. La Hire and de Sentray, who commanded the vanguard of the French army at the Battle of Pates, have the main merit in the victory in this battle.

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